Custom is present in many airports around the world with its ticket printers and printers for self-service ticketing, suitable for all the needs of the sector.

The offer includes printers for boarding passes, luggage tags and ATB printing. Airport solutions developed by Custom for the check-in desks combine an outstanding technology together with a particular taste.

For Custom, aesthetics is important, so that the Company creates product lines uniquely appointed and attractive suitable for environments highly crowded, but with a particular attention to design and functionality, features that are common in the best airports.


The offer of desk check-in printing solutions proposed by Custom includes printers for boarding passes, luggage tags and receipts printing. These desk check-in printers are the ideal solution for those looking for design and functionality in only one device.


Custom offers self-service solutions for tickets and boarding passes printing that are characterized by their robustness and compactness. These products have dedicated sensors, integrated client mailing for an effective and easy customization, and allow you to remove the printer from the kiosk or the check-in desk without turning it off, thanks to the hot swap function.

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Custom offers a range of special options for Aviation able to show the quality of the printers, such as the patented VeriPrint® (which allows you to integrate a documents scanning unit with the printing head into a single unit) and Multifeeder, that gives the change to handle three types of paper with a single printer, increasing autonomy and reducing the overall dimensions.

Thanks to Multifeeder you can use the same type of paper (boarding pass or luggage tags) for the three available paper loadings. This allows to triple the autonomy of the printer or use up to three different kinds of paper: baggage tags, boarding passes and receipts or even two types of boarding passes (Business and Economy) and baggage tags.

Custom printers are equipped with the latest generation of RFID technology, both HF – short – and UHF – long distance.