• Schedule an unlimited number of regular and advanced simulated Phishing Security Tests, to assess the level of phishing risk in your business.
  • Use templates from our library of "known-to-work" phishing emails based on the phishing and spear-phishing emails that are being used to attack your staff.

Phishing Simulation

Security Awareness Training

Real-Time Intervention Awareness

Cyber Knowledge Assessments

Risk and Compliance Reporting


Integrated Platform Cyber Risk Aware’s platform integrates all functions in the most user-friendly GUI on the market. Configure the platform in under 2-3 hours, kick off training campaigns, knowledge assessment quizzes and simulated attacks in minutes. You can completely customise your own email templates, instant awareness moments, simulated attachments, spoof your own domain for simulated “CEO Fraud”/”Business Email Compromise” attacks with user activity tracking.

Superior Customer Support All of our clients are treated like an enterprise customer. You are automatically enrolled in our Platinum Tech Support program.

Improved Security Behavior Repeated analysis has shown that employee Phish-prone percentage can drop by up to 90%. Our free PhishHuk™ Alert button email reporting add-in reinforces security training by empowering staff to report actual or suspected phishing emails for Outlook.


  • Gartner, in their most recent review of the security awareness training market, said "the company who can deliver the right message, to the right user, at the right time in response to risky user behaviour, will transform this industry”

  • Actions such as plugging in USB keys, trying to download free software, access sensitive data followed by access to Dropbox are only a few examples of situations where staff could be provided with content that would instantly help them to understand the risks of their actions and remind them of their responsibilities.

  • With our Real-Time Intervention Awareness module, clients create security awareness content on our platform such as snippets of security policies, tips and warnings. This content can then be sent to an employee immediately in response to an existing security defence raising an alarm having detected their risky behaviour.


  • Two of the most important aspects of any cyber security awareness training program are firstly being able to benchmark the level of staff awareness across any security topic at the outset and secondly being able to assess the effectiveness of the training content by assessing staff knowledge post taking the training.


As a consequence of the ever-increasing cyber threats to businesses of all sizes and economies globally, we are also living in a world of ever increasing legislation. Legislation is aimed at holding companies and government institutions to account so they start doing a better job at protecting company and personal data, their systems and computer networks from the risk of being breached. GDPR in Europe and PoPi act in South Africa are recent examples and which include specific requirements for companies to be conducting Staff Security Awareness Training and Mock Phishing campaigns on a regular basis. In order for companies to meet and demonstrate their legal and regulatory compliance, Cyber Risk Aware provides both canned and self-service reporting using PowerBI. Each company can very quickly produce reports and provide to auditors and internal management how much training has been delivered, how effective it has been over time and where the risk is more pronounced owing to a lack of staff awareness.

  • Enterprise-Strength Reporting

  • The reports and data are exportable, providing deep analysis of failures or lack of awareness at a country, office, department or user level. In providing such detailed analysis, you can focus on the security topics and parts of the business that require the closest attention based on the role they perform for the company, the data they process or the monetary funds they have access to. Risk based decision-making is critical in being able to reduce security risks across the whole of the company. Senior Management get the insight they need to demonstrate the ROI on their investment in training whilst also measuring and tracking security compliance in order to achieve a “meet requirements” result in an internal audit or an external review such as IS027001, NIST, Cyber Essentials, GDPR, UK Data Protection, Irish Data Protection, South African Data Protection, HIPAA, NYDFS or PoPi Act to name but a few.