Custom has become a benchmark in the field of industrial printers, thanks to its ability to meet every customer’s need. Our range includes: printing mechanisms, panel printers, printing kits, control boards, cutters, power supply units and magnetic and chip card readers.

Custom’s industrial printers can be found anywhere in the world: in public car parks, in petrol pumps, in ATMs, in PLC panels, in a wide variety of medical equipment, measurement equipment or similar technology. Every day, all over the world, Custom printers process data that is then printed on different types of paper, from just a few centimetres to A4 size.

The printers in this line do not simply complement existing instruments or a wider range of “containers” like kiosks or distributors but, in their mobile versions, can also work in stand-alone mode, like portable receipt printers, making use of Bluetooth and WiFi technology. They are also compatible with the latest generation of main IT systems such as Android and Apple. Among the services that complement Custom industrial printers and their quality assurance is the CustomPrint App, downloadable from GooglePlay and App Store. This App allows the users to print all the data stored in their telephones, directly from their smartphones


The printing mechanisms proposed by Custom are suitable for thermal printing at high resolution, they are reliable and fast, made with carefully selected materials.


The panel printers offered by Custom ensure high printing quality and speed and are equipped with internal memory and international fonts already on board. Panel printers are the ideal tool for those who want efficiency in a compact size.


Custom offers several options dedicated to industrial printing. Among these solutions, data loggers are the ideal answer for those who are looking for a thermal printer to be used for reporting.

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Custom provides cutting-edge technology for all self-service printing requirements, delivering highly professional solutions for any application.
Our range includes: kiosk printers, self-service printers, ATM printers, ticket dispensers and OEM scanners.
Custom self-service kiosk solutions have really become part of our daily life, as we can find them everywhere: at work and during our spare time. Our range of printers is the most complete, with multiple versions to meet all your printing needs, from receipts to tickets, from a width of 60 mm to A4 dimensions for printing documents for information kiosks, multi-media printing, for bookings, bank branches, etc.

There are, in fact, several add-ons aimed at enhancing the kiosk printer functions and performance: status monitors and web servers for long-distance printer status communication, a state-of-the-art application for printing layout settings, the patented VeriPrint system, capable of incorporating a document scanner unit with print head in a single component, APPs and development settings for printing directly from your smartphones and tablets.

Our kiosk solutions also include manual and motor-driven magnetic and chip paper readers/writers, complete with anti-vandal and anti-pollution full shutter. Card reading mayalso be carried out with other modules from the iSelf family, which offers the possibility of managing multi-standard contactless cards.

The range of self-service kiosk solutions is completed and enriched by the eO 3.0 printing and reading system with the patented Print&Read system, ideal for slot machines, video lotteries, couponing and promotions and many other solutions within the gaming and access control world.


The kiosk printers offered by Custom are the ideal solution to meet any printing needs. These are solutions that allow you to print several formats, from receipts to tickets, from 60mm width up to an A4 printing size. These kiosk printers are easy to install, so they are perfect for many fields of application: information kiosks, multimedia, bank agencies, etc.. Reliable and fast, they are designed for all those looking for the latest high quality printing technologies.


Custom Mag/chip card R/W systems include both magnetic card readers and chip cards readers and writers.
These solutions are robust and compact, and offer high performances and reliability with very small dimensions.


Among the solutions for self-service kiosk, Custom proposes printing and reading systems that guarantee a high printing quality and many types of barcodes reading.


The scanners proposed by Custom represent the solution for high speed documents reading and data management. The scanners are suitable for many applications, from banking documents to medical services.

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The mobile printers offered by Custom are the ideal solution for those looking for mini hi-tech portable printers. Featuring an ultra-light and compact design, with high autonomy and print speed, Custom mobile printers are the perfect answer to professional needs.

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